Blue Heart Earrings

Blue Heart Earrings

A cute little pIMGP0608croppedair of blue hearts with a dangling bulb. These are just something I thought was sweet, played with a little, and threw together on a whim. However, they are totally unique– these were the last of my beads in this style, and I doubt that I could ever make another pair.


  • Plastic beads, metal hooks (most likely stainless-steal coated, please see me for details)
  • Durability scale: Extremely durable
  • Recommended for: Any adult with a cute and cheerful sense of style. However, because they are plastic and strong, they are suitable for children as well.
  • $5, but $4 with the purchase of two or more similar or higher priced items.

P.S. Images are somewhat fuzzy, sorry. An early attempt at taking my own photos.

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