Chamsa Jewel-tone Earrings

Chamsa Jewel-tone Earrings

Chamsas/Hamsahs/Whatever you would like to call them’s are a very popular style this year.


I’ve seen Chamsas point both up and down, and research revealed that there are valid reasons for both. I chose to make this pair point downwards, but I am happy to make them point in any direction you choose.


I think they speak for themselves, so I’ll let the green jewels do the talking. More details below

  • Made of metal and glass beads, with silver plate hooks.
  • These earrings weigh more than most of my collection, but that still makes them fairly light, and I have worn them entire evenings with no discomfort
  • Due to the materials, these earrings require delicate handling and are recommended for teens or adults. With proper treatment, there is no risk of damage
  • I’m highly considering making a matching pendant in one of the available colours. Shoot me a line to let me know what you think.
  • $10 a pair for any colour I have in stock – other available beads of the same size can also be used. A custom colour or style will increase the price

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