Contrast Bubble Earrings

Contrast Bubble Earrings

black and hilighter bobbled adjustedThese earrings were snapped up by my cousin when I gave her the pick of my stock as a late birthday gift– hence, the rather last minute photography. No, I didn’t take the pics this time.

In real life, the pink is a lot brighter– think a shade less bright than a hi-lighter, and they popped wonderfully against the larger black crystals. These photos were edited as best as I could to fix the low lighting in the photo setting. That exact colour would be pretty hard to match, but the blacks are easy to find, and I’d be happy to source a crystal in any colour you wanted to match.


  • Made of plastic with metal hooks and crimping beads.
  • Durable.Suitable in make and style for girls ages 8 and up depending on the colour, by my cousin’s post-high-school.
  • Pro tip– she nearly chose the Chinese lantern earrings, if you’re looking for something similar.
  • These would be a great match for any dress that’s black with a coloured pattern. I could also see making this style with a coloured pearl in place of a crystal.
  • Black and white would also be so classic.
  • This style would go for $4 if I had the colours you wanted in stock, and possibly slightly more for an easy-to-find other tone.

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