Pink Checkerboard Earrings

Pink Checkerboard Earrings

pink grid 1 One of my harder pieces, I can’t tell you how many slips of wire and tens of crimping beads were lost in putting together this vision. It was well worth it– my friend fell in love with them. Not to worry, though, they’re another style I can make again, in nearly any set of colours. I wanted something with a grid pattern, that feel into a neat rectangle, and the pink was the perfect shade. I strung it on a triangle for an added touch of glamour and shine.

  • Made from glass seed beads, wire, and metal hooks.
  • More fragile. Though they’re crimped beyond securely, having more elements makes them more susceptible to damage. A gentle hand and making sure they don’t get snagged on something should be all you need.
  • Not suitable for children, especially those with long hair that might get tangled in it. Beyond that, though, I’d recommend them for anyone. They’d make a great Bat Mitzvah gift!

As an intricate design, these go for $10 each, more if I have to source a special colour.

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