Rose and Greenery

Rose and Greenery

rose and green 2 reduced highlightsThese earrings were made for myself as a second attempt for something unique for back to school. I also wanted a pair of green earrings, to match a new olive jacket– it suddenly occurred to me that I had no green earrings at all, other than a bluish pair that REALLY didn’t go with olive. As it turns out, it was a really flattering choice. (My mother was impressed, and my taste doesn’t usually do that.) The right pair of earrings really can add a lot to your face, and for me these were just long enough without being annoying.

As the images below show, the beads were sewn on with white thread, very, very carefully and tightly, and varnished to help them stay tight. This had the added effect of helping the thread fade into the background. The rose is my signature style and was bought as part of a kit of bracelet charms. The top loop holds the earring, and the bead was actually used to hide the bottom loop.

Apologies for the horrid blue highlights in the pictures. I was able to remove them in the image above, but it was time-consuming to the extreme. The actual charms are a somewhat shiny, plain grey-tone silver.

These aren’t for sale, but a pair in this colour or other hues of the rainbow could be made up for enough pleading and the right price. (Not that much, promise.) For reference, these are the same small beads as the butterfly jewel earrings, coming soon

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