Space age sculpture earrings

Space age sculpture earrings

Silver and blue earringsThese, again, are hard to name. They just sort of came together this way, reminding me of a robot or an abstract art piece. Either way, they’ve got an a unique look– something almost ‘punky’ but with style from the blue beads. These grey beads can be accented with seed beads in any colour. Why not purple, green, or orange?


  • Made of plastic with metal hooks.
  • Durable, and not tangle-y. Suitable for children, though remember the small size.
  • Recommended for teens or casual wear.
  • Apologies for the slightly fuzzy photos. These were one of the first ones I did myself, and a photo showing special details can be made available on request.
  • A fast pair, all colour styles are available to ship within 48 hours of order. $4.50 a pair, two for $8, three for $12

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