Sea goodness style A (cream and apricot)

Sea goodness style A (cream and apricot)

Seashell and pearlThese earrings are a popular style– within a week of making the first ones, another set was needed. Good thing to, as these images came out very sharp. The first set, which unfortunately did not make it to the gallery, had brown striped seashells instead of apricot but were otherwise identical. These earrings are available in a large selection of shell shades, and in many colours of pearl. See the ‘Sea goodness B’ for an example.


  • Made of plastic, high quality seashells (identical to the real thing, but less fragile. A gift from a friend,) and high quality imitation pearl.
  • It is possible to make these from real seashell and pearl, though it will make them more expensive and fragile
  • Strong. Suitable for children 7 and up, though the shells will need to be selected for durability more carefully than for an adult. My seminary aged cousin (and very stylish too,) loves hers. Though suitable for children, they really are a more sophisticated style.
  • $6 in the summer– a popular style. Two identical pairs in this colour combination go for $10. Other colours will have varied prices. 

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