Sparkle Streamer Globe earrings

Sparkle Streamer Globe earrings

sparkle balls 2I’m not sure what to call these, really. I’ve been told that they look like space ships. The original concept was to have dangling tassels hanging down in colours that echoed the original bead– green for the base colour and white for the glittery affect. I think I’ve hit the mark with this design. The tassels are flexible and keep their position, allowing them to be pressed together to form a triangular column, or gently pushed outward to spread like– a rocket ship landing or tripod. Note the silver bead at the top that adds a sense of connection to the silver hook.


  • Made of plastic, glitter, and glass beads, with metal hooks. This piece was assembled with thread rather than wire, and the knots are covered with clear nail polish to hold them steady.
  • On that note, please excuse any hanging threads in the picture. As the polish had just set, I was reluctant to trim them anymore and had a tight window with the camera. They have been trimmed back now and are nearly invisible.
  • These were a fun project and could easily be made again in another set of colours– purple, anyone?
  • This style, in any colour, is a bargain at ten dollars. These ones are available to ship literally today, but any colour could be made soon.

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