Thread bangles- Pink and purple hemp

Thread bangles- Pink and purple hemp

I claim no credit for the original ‘wrapped-bangle’ idea. I’ve seen it everywhere for years, wrapped things as ordinary as yarn or as diverse as twisted plastic bags. I will claim credit, though, for the colour scheme, the tiny braids, the stripes, and everything else that makes this piece shine. This one is wrapped exclusively in hemp, a wonderful material that starts off stiff and softens as you work with it, though there are others in the design process made of embroidery thread. I’m working on coming up with a way to line the inside and hide the knots that doesn’t involve gluing some cheap black fabric on– so tacky. Then again, you might like the ‘exposed’ look.

Pictures feature a 360 look, as close as I could without a video.


  • Hemp thread, with a plastic core
  • Durable, but not suitable for children.
  • Inside opening measures ~6.6 cm
  • $7 for one, any pair in the same colours for $12. I plan to make a matching one to this… eventually.

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