Keychain to earring– silver lovebirds

Keychain to earring– silver lovebirds

bird earrings after 4These were somewhat custom made– I found the original keychains (see below) and thought of someone immediately. I then made them, and sent a photo to a mutual friend, who gave me the thumbs up. I have to report, they were a hit!

I used pliers to remove the clasp and take apart the keychain’s loops, and re-assembled it in the order I wanted.


  • Made of metal, with a (probably) glass jewel, and metal hooks.
  • These exact earrings are not avalible, but surprisingly elegant styles can be made from keychains. (Pairs, of course.) Send me a picture of the keychain and I’m happy to let you know if it’s possible.
  • I can also source the keychains myself to fill a request for a certain style.

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