Crafts by Miriam Yehudit

My guarantee

I’m hoping you’re never going to need this page. But life happens sometimes.

All the things I make are stress-tested before they get sent out. So if it’s going to fall apart, it already happened in my studio.

But if something does happen…

  1. If your product arrives defective, or breaks after a few totally normal uses– the repair, and reasonable shipping costs, are on me. I’m sorry for what happened and I’ll put it back together as soon as possible.
  2. If your product suffers wear and tear after a while (max: a year of normal wear) and needs a quick mend– If you pay postage there and back, the repair costs are on me.
  3. If your product is damaged due to a ‘user error’– don’t worry, it happens sometimes. Shipping is your responsibility, but if you contact me I’ll see what the lowest repair rate I can give you is.

In each case, please send me an e-mail with a description of what happened, a few photos of the damage, and an address; and I’ll tell you what I can do. Some repairs might be simple enough for you to do them yourself!

Please note that these are general guidelines. Depending on the damage, location, and other factors, costs may vary. Please contact me for full details.