Sea Goodness style B (brown and mint)

Sea Goodness style B (brown and mint)

Pearl and seashell 1These, as you can tell by the label, are similar to my Sea Goodness style A but with a twist. Sorry for the confusion, but since the colours are interchangeable, I couldn’t help but use the same cute name for both. Featuring sea-spray green pearls and chocolate striped shells, with a sleek tapering shape, these are a more colorful pair that while looking less like the real thing, has a lot of charm. Though sophisticated and small, they have enough pizzazz and charm to add a twist to any matching outfit. (No, don’t ask for wardrobe recommendations, I only do beads.)


  • Made of plastic and metal. See style A for details.
  • Available in a wide range of colours and shell types. Real pearls and shells can be used, for a premium.
  • $6 for this colour combination or cream on cream. Two identical pairs for $10. Other colour options vary

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