Chinese Lantern Earrings

Chinese Lantern Earrings

Check out, for a limited time, the fall Chinese Lanterns, on sale while they’re available! Here


These feature a large pink crystal, and hanging accent beads, reminiscent to me of cartoon pictures of Chinese lanterns. These, to the left, were snapped up by a friend for their delicate pink purple colour. Here, the yellow beads fade into the gold. Mine, to contrast, were made so that both the pink and the orange would hold their own to match a new dress. In either style, they have a pop of fun in an understated and beautiful way.

They’re available in pink with a wide range of accent colours. You can choose silver or gold crimp beads. I’d recommend picking the crimps to match your choice of hook material, but they can be picked to replicate a style here or match another outfit if you choose. I plan to branch out into other crystal colours one day, as I personally love this style. I’m happy to hunt for your chose tone on request.


  • Made from plastic and glass with metal earring hooks
  • Strength: Very durable– I haven’t managed to break mine yet 🙂
  • Suitable for every age; a delicate and elegant style with a lot of charm
  • $5 for pink dome beads with a wide range of bottom colours, subject to possible change. Other shades of dome beads may cost slightly more.