Blueberry and pearl necklace

Blueberry and pearl necklace

  • Made of premium glass beads, strung on heavy-duty but lightweight wire. All clasps, crimps and rings are metal.
  • Extremely strong
  • A great gift for a mother or wife
  • 24 dollars


This unique necklace features stones in the mottled blue tones of blueberries, soft rose pink, and cream pearls. It is adjustable with three basic ways to wear:

  • long, with the adjustable back giving you a number of lengths to chose from.
  • doubled over as two strands of any equal length you choose,
  • as a choker style chain with another, longer loop dangling beneath.

The pink beads were inserted at as a welcome suggestion to add a dash of uniqueness to the simple but lovely style. Take note of the cute adjustable length chain on the back, with it’s own matching pattern. This necklace one features six repeats in a pattern of ten blue to one pink, for a total of 34.5 inches from tip to tip including the last loop of the chain.

You’re not just limited to blue and pink, however. This idea can also be ordered in the reverse pattern of pink with blue accents, which I think would be feminine and stunning, or in other colors. I would also be happy to make this in any length. If you love the colours, but are not a fan of long necklaces, this would also be nice for teens as a single strand choker.

Why is this under kid friendly when it’s clearly not for children? Because, unlike many other fine necklaces, it’s strung on wire rather than thread. Even if a strong toddler yanks at it, the most they’ll do is tug a little. (Yes, this is backed up by my guarantee.) It’s also, while gorgeous, not too precious to be worn around children.