Vintage Voyage Series

Vintage Voyage Series

cameos 1This is a series of five earrings. (So yeah, this post is long!) I claim no credit for the charms, only for the lucky find, the purchasing, and the assembly. These would also look amazing with black nickel hooks, but I worked with what I have and I think silver gives it a unique pop.

The cameos, featured above, are as tall as a nickel coin, and light for their size. They have a very detailed face of a young lady on each. They were set to both face forward when worn and have a smooth back.

The boots are very sophisticated. The embossed pattern gives details of high lacing, and they have quite the heel. I wanted to give them a little pop, so they each hang from a scarce centimeter handmade chain. They both face left, because the backs are smooth and I wanted the details to be visible on both at the same time. Combined with the swinging chain, they look like someone proudly marching along.

The suitcases are a very neat find. They’re double sided, with one side saying ‘HONG KONG’ ‘MOSCOW’ and ‘LONDON’ and the other ‘NORWAY’ ‘PARIS’ and ‘N.Y.’ They are set so that the handles face outward, and from both front and back you see three labels, along with two perfect tiny stripes.

The cars are visually the heaviest, though they are quiet light, and so I hung them from a larger jump ring to balance it out. Each one is exquisitely detailed with silver windows and wheel spokes. They both point outward outwards, with the detailing on both front and back. Anyone have any idea what kind of car this is?

The fans are the lightest charm and the most exotic. Each side is detailed, though one has feathers and the other a dotted print. I experimented with different sized rings to give it the right swing and eventually settled on the smallest ones, for a free range of motion without getting tangled in hair or bag straps.


The pictures are in order of mentioned details.

  • The charms are either plastic or lightweight metal, with a heavy metallic gloss coating. The earrings are sliver plate, and the rings are metal
  • These would make a great gift for a traveling friend, and are suitable for ages nine up.
  • Each one is $4 each, but all can be yours for $17, a 15% discount.